Salad of vegetable meatballs with red turnips, lime, cucumber and mayonnaise veg

The salad with vegetable balls that we propose is a quick and easy recipe, it takes 15 minutes to prepare it. Discover the recipe.

With the arrival of the coldest season, do the dishes you prepare seem to take on an increasingly sad shade? Our vegetable patties think about putting a little color on the plate.

In this recipe has the vegetable patties to the red turnips and chickpeas of Kioene , a real goodness to taste lukewarm accompanied by mixed salad and many vegetables .

They are different from the usual vegetable patties because in addition to containing chickpeas, excellent basic ingredient, are enriched with red turnip creating the right mix of taste and fiberperfect after a workout at the gym or to regain energy during lunch break at work.

The vegetable balls are tasty and delicious , excellent to add to your simpler dishes to enrich them with many vegetable proteins and above all a lot of goodness. Try the recipe!


The mayonnaise veg

  • To prepare mayonnaise, pour the milk into a container with rather high edges and with a blender to blend in air. Then, add the oil, just as you do for the classic mayonnaise and continue until the milk will get a thicker consistency similar to mayonnaise.
  • Once the sauce is obtained, add the lemon juice and curry (or turmeric) and mix well with the help of the blender. Taste and add salt or other spices according to your taste. And it’s ready!

If you’re looking for an alternative, you can use soy yogurt or white yogurt (for a vegetarian version) instead of soy milk. All the variations are great for dipping into our vegetable patties.

Make up the salad

The “difficult” part is over, now you just have to compose your salad.

  1. First of all, cook the vegetable balls in a pan for 12 minutes or in the oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes or more, for the most hurried, in a microwave at 750 Watt for 4 minutes. Our advice is to let them cool a little while you prepare the other vegetables.
  2. Wash and peel the cucumbers with a potato peel and then cut them into rather thin washers. Also wash the peppers and cut them into rounds (pay attention to remove the seeds!).
  3. Wash the misticanza and divide it into the bowls. Then compose it all by adding meatballs, cucumbers and mayonnaise. Use the peppers and parsley to decorate and finally conclude with a light splash of lime to perfume.

And here it is, a quick and easy recipe for a colorful and tasty salad .

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