Oral B VS Sonicare Toothbrush

When talking about electric toothbrushes, there are only two names that are coming up to people`s minds. Of course, we are talking about Sonicare and Oral B. Over the years these two manufacturers jumped higher than their competition that is now close to nonexistent.

When we say that they have better results than their opposition, we are not talking only about the sales and financial scales. More importantly, a vast number of dentists are recommending these two companies as the best ones in the business. We will try to pick which one of these two is better. There can be only one. Yes, like in Highlander.

How Big These Companies Are?

Truth be told, Oral B has a larger user base than Sonicare. If we look for a reason for this situation, we can see that Oral B is somewhat cheaper than it`s opponent. Sonicare has around 5 million users, which is way lesser than Oral B.

The number of users of Oral B’s products is slightly more than 8 million. Both of these companies are providing a wide range of different toothbrushes. So, it is no surprise that they have this numbers behind them.

Which One Has the Better Cleaning Power?

Now we are taking a bite into something more serious. Both Sonicare and Oral B have their own methods of cleaning teeth and gums. Sonicare uses sonic movement while Oral B uses rotary movements. We will explain what this means in greater detail.

Rotary Motion

Most of the toothbrushes made by Oral B are using rotary motion to clean teeth and gums. That means their brushes make rotating and oscillating movements in order to clean piled-up food or plaque. It moves left, right, and then pumps down and up.

You can select from a few levels of power and different kinds of modes. By standard level of pressure, we think about from 8000 to 40000 pulsations. Oral B toothbrushes have brush heads that are small and round. Therefore, it is good enough for cleaning every tooth and it is easy to use.

Sonic Motion

All of the toothbrushes made by Sonicare are having the same work method. We are talking about sonic motion. Sonic motion is a method in which bristles are vibrating from one side to another very fast. This movement works in two different ways.

At first, it has a physical cleaning contact. After that, it has a similar method like rotary motion. It pulsates. That is some kind of cleaning without touch. Brush head on Sonicare`s toothbrushes is shaped roundly. The good thing about their shape is that you can clean more than a few teeth at once. The disadvantage is that the maneuvering is not so easy.


We talked about the two most important things for users of Sonicare`s and Oral B electric toothbrushes. After adding all other elements, we can present you with our opinion. Oral B would be our answer. With Oral B, the quality you get for your money is bigger than one you will get from Sonicare.

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