Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are numerous ways to enjoy your favorite cup. In recent years one specific type of beans became popular in the weight-loss industry. That is a green coffee. Green coffee beans come from Arabica Coffee that are not roasted.

There are two ways for consuming it. One way is in an unprocessed coarse form, and the other one is in a capsule as a supplement. Reason for avoiding the method of roasting is to preserve the quantity of chlorogenic acid in the seeds. This acid gives coffee health benefits. This type of coffee is for high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer‘s and bacterial infections.

Green Coffee Benefits

There are two essential ingredients in coffee, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine is for metabolism and energy. And acid in coffee can affect your body in many ways. Some analyses are proving that green coffee extract can affect your body, and help you with weight loss.

Some studies say that using green coffee five times every day in space of ten weeks can help you lose about three kilograms in weight. Also, green coffee is effective in reducing high blood pressure. For people with hypertension, this supplement should be a daily habit.

Since this is not the necessary supplement for your body, there is no recommended daily amount. If you are obese or have hypertension, you can only gain benefits from it. Green coffee is safe if you take it correctly. Extract from the beans still contains caffeine so there can be some side consequences if you use it too much.

Green Coffee Side Effects

Most of the side effects are related to caffeine. There is some medication that you should avoid. Some of them are drugs for hypertension, diabetes, estrogen, lithium. Also, you should not use contraceptive pills. You should avoid green beans in pregnancy.

Also, if you have anxiety disorders caffeine could make it worse. If you have bleeding disorders, diarrhea or glaucoma, you should skip this supplement. You should be careful with a dose of this extract if you have high blood pressure. Caffeine can increase blood pressure.

You should limit your daily amount of green coffee to 2-3 cups if you have osteoporosis. This is because caffeine can raise the value of calcium to get out of the body. Additionally, you should take calcium as a supplement in this case.


The proper dose of green coffee depends on various parts such as the user’s age, health, and numerous other situations. At this moment there is not sufficient scientific knowledge to define a proper range of shots for green coffee. Maintain in perception that innovative products are not always significantly reliable and dosages can be necessary. Be sure to catch appropriate ways on product descriptions and ask your pharmacist or doctor or other healthcare experts before using. If you don’t overuse this supplement, you can only feel benefits from it. In combination with caffeine, this beverage can improve your health in numerous ways. L

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