How Long Does Wine Last Unopened?

Cleaning out your fridge can be complicated if you have more than a few food and beverages that have an expiration date. After this date expires, you can have problems with bacteria attacking that particular dish or drink. If this is the case, you can only throw it away. This rule applies to alcohol too. You keeping wine in a cardboard box is a very bad idea. The quality of the wine will decline in time. So, we will try to give you some instructions on how you can make opened wine stay delicious and high-quality.

How Long Can Unopened Wine Stay Tasty and Drinkable?

Before we take a bite into something more serious, we will see how long can you expect from every type of wine`s expiration date.

  • Red wine has a three-year-long expiration date.
  • White wine expiration date is up to two-year long.
  • Fine wine can last up to twenty years.
  • Cooking wine can remain unopened for as much as five years.

After we know these facts, we should know that wine can last longer only if two conditions are respected. Naturally, an unopened bottle will last much longer than one that`s open. We all know that wine, like any alcohol, can last a long time. The alcohol is not an ideal environment for bacteria to live in. Naturally, the price of wine is not influencing the expiration date. However, if you buy cheaper wine, it is recommended to drink it right away, or at least within a year, because the price can sometimes measure the quality, right?

Best Methods of Preserving Wine

In order to keep your wine`s quality for a longer time, you should try and apply several methods. We are going to look into them.

  • Keeping wine in a dark spot is a must. The reason is, sun rays can provoke the collapse of chemical structures that are making wine`s taste and aroma quality. Preserving a bottle from encountering sunlight will help it last longer.
  • You should keep your wine at a certain temperature. Storing the bottle at a room with a low temperature, or a fridge will sure boost the quality of your time for a higher amount of time. The temperature should be at least 12°C for wine to keep its quality. The basement can be a good choice.
  • The level of humidity in the storage room can really help your wine. If the room has a low level of moisture, the cork can dry out. After this happens, the bacteria will enter the bottle and the quality of your wine will decline. The cork should stay in some kind of contact with the liquid, so it wouldn`t dry out over time.
  • Using the best wine aerator is a must once the bottle is opened.

The Bottom Line

Discovering uncorked wine, you forgot about, is always a pleasant experience. You need to pay attention to the conditions bottle was kept in before you try it. If you controlled the conditions wine was in, you shouldn`t have any problems with its quality. They are the key to long-lasting wine.