Manual Coffee Grinders

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

Nowadays, people don`t have the time for making their own coffee in the morning. So instead of doing that, they are going to coffee shops on a daily basis. Usually, people buy electric coffee machines because it does all the work. From grinding to pouring into a mug. The lucky ones, who have time to spare are choosing to do some of these elements by themselves.

For any real coffee lover, to grind coffee manually is a joy instead of being an effort. However, to choose the right manual coffee grinder is a pain, that’s why we recommend this list by Coffee Dorks, to make the selection easier. Every company claims that their product has all the necessary elements needed. So, before you buy the real one, you should inform yourself.

We are going to present you with some features you should pay attention to when you when you decide to buy the best manual grinder.

Coffee Grinder Characteristics

In order to have a positive influence on your future decision, we have selected a number of features you should pay attention to.


Grinding your coffee manually requires some time, and because of that most of coffee grinders are produced with the compact design. But there are various sizes, so you should choose the size by the amount of the coffee you grind. Also, dimension and weight are also different from one to another.


Quality and solid steel are not only good when it comes to design and good look. Although, it is also safer to bring it with yourself when going on a vacation and not worry about your grinder to broke in your luggage. However, if you want a coffee grinder for home use only, you should buy a wooden one.


When it comes to consistency, you have two different types. The consistency of hand coffee grinder is something you can control when you are using a manual grinder. However, before you do this, you should go on the internet and check the reviews. Those can be really helpful.

Variable setting

The manual coffee grinder usually comes with a number of levels of coarseness. Those levels have the task of making the type of coffee you prefer. You shouldn`t worry about this. Whenever you are using espresso or ground coffee, this feature does the same job.

Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining your coffee grinder can be a difficult job. It depends on which type you are using. Most of the manual coffee grinders can be taken apart so you can clean them properly. Although, you shouldn`t use soap when cleaning coffee grinder. If you do that, you can injure the flavor of your coffee.


As we said earlier, choosing from a variety of manual coffee grinders is not easy. A number of elements should be taken into a consideration before you buy one. Also, you should take a look at product reviews. That way you can avoid spending your time in a shop, with no idea what you should buy.