Salad of vegetable meatballs with red turnips, lime, cucumber and mayonnaise veg

The salad with vegetable balls that we propose is a quick and easy recipe, it takes 15 minutes to prepare it. Discover the recipe.

With the arrival of the coldest season, do the dishes you prepare seem to take on an increasingly sad shade? Our vegetable patties think about putting a little color on the plate.

In this recipe has the vegetable patties to the red turnips and chickpeas of Kioene , a real goodness to taste lukewarm accompanied by mixed salad and many vegetables .

They are different from the usual vegetable patties because in addition to containing chickpeas, excellent basic ingredient, are enriched with red turnip creating the right mix of taste and fiberperfect after a workout at the gym or to regain energy during lunch break at work.

The vegetable balls are tasty and delicious , excellent to add to your simpler dishes to enrich them with many vegetable proteins and above all a lot of goodness. Try the recipe!


The mayonnaise veg

  • To prepare mayonnaise, pour the milk into a container with rather high edges and with a blender to blend in air. Then, add the oil, just as you do for the classic mayonnaise and continue until the milk will get a thicker consistency similar to mayonnaise.
  • Once the sauce is obtained, add the lemon juice and curry (or turmeric) and mix well with the help of the blender. Taste and add salt or other spices according to your taste. And it’s ready!

If you’re looking for an alternative, you can use soy yogurt or white yogurt (for a vegetarian version) instead of soy milk. All the variations are great for dipping into our vegetable patties.

Make up the salad

The “difficult” part is over, now you just have to compose your salad.

  1. First of all, cook the vegetable balls in a pan for 12 minutes or in the oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes or more, for the most hurried, in a microwave at 750 Watt for 4 minutes. Our advice is to let them cool a little while you prepare the other vegetables.
  2. Wash and peel the cucumbers with a potato peel and then cut them into rather thin washers. Also wash the peppers and cut them into rounds (pay attention to remove the seeds!).
  3. Wash the misticanza and divide it into the bowls. Then compose it all by adding meatballs, cucumbers and mayonnaise. Use the peppers and parsley to decorate and finally conclude with a light splash of lime to perfume.

And here it is, a quick and easy recipe for a colorful and tasty salad .


Pumpkin: 5 curiosities you did not know

The pumpkin  is the autumn vegetable! The children decorate it for Halloween while the older ones use it to prepare many tasty dishes with this sweet and tasty vegetable, especially our vegetable burgers !

It is rich in properties useful to the body , in fact, contains a good amount of minerals such as potassium and magnesium in addition to many vitamins . It is mainly composed of water , for a good 94% and therefore is suitable to keep the body well hydrated. It is a real panacea!

But do you really know all about pumpkin? To find out, here are 5 trivia  about this autumn-colored vegetable that (maybe) you did not know.

Nothing is thrown away

Pumpkin is also good for the pumpkin ! Pumpkin often uses only the pulp to prepare it in the oven or to add it to soups and risottos. The truth, however, is that you can also taste the peel, without problems.

For example, pumpkin is an excellent addition to soup , to give even more flavor to the recipe, or you can add it to jam to make it more flavorful and creamy. To taste the baked peel , wash it well and boil it for at least 30 minutes, then drain and season with oil, salt and aromatic herbs. Once seasoned, inform it for 20 minutes at 200 ° C. It is a perfect recipe for creating a healthy and tasty snack that is also excellent as a side dish to one of our vegetable burgers.

In ancient times it was a container

Pumpkin has not always been a stable ingredient on our tables but was nevertheless used in many different ways. It has been cultivated since 5000 BC by some South American tribes: it was an easy vegetable to transport and was therefore ideal for commercial exchanges .

Throughout history it has also been used as a container for wine or water , since the shape recalled that of the bowls. The smaller pumpkins, however, were also used outside the kitchen: they were used to hold tobacco or gunpowder!

It’s good for your skin

Pumpkin is rich in properties and vitamins , so it’s good when you eat it, but it’s also perfect for creating a mask to cleanse your face . It is very easy to prepare: just crush a slice of raw pumpkin along with a seedling. Add some honey to this cream and apply it all over your face. Leave it in place for at least 10 minutes and then rinse well. It is ideal for all skin types but particularly for greasy or impurities: the skin will be clean and smooth .

There are many varieties

There are many varieties of pumpkin that come in many different shapes and colors . Among the most popular and widespread is the Marina di Chioggia , green in color and the classic shape with a flattened sphere, the flesh is yellow or orange and is ideal for the preparation of risottos or velvety. Then there is the long Naples , which has an elongated, almost cylindrical shape. This pumpkin is sweet and fragrant: excellent for pasta or grilled. Finally, the Mantovana : similar in appearance to the Marina di Chioggia, is sweet and aromatic and lends itself to stuffed with gnocchi and tortelli.

 Even the seeds are very good

In the Balkans they are nicknamed the “aphrodisiac of the sultan” for its alleged aphrodisiac qualities due to the large amount of magnesium they contain, energy and toning , in addition to the zinc that stimulates testosterone . We do not guarantee on their aphrodisiac effect but for sure they are good and very protein . If you taste them alone or in the salad it seems a bit ‘boring idea, you can find them in our vegetable burgers with pumpkin and sunflower seeds !


5 dressing for your vegetable burgers

To the vegetable burger we do not know just give up! They are tasty , tasty and above all they are ready in a very short time : just enough to make you get a little peckish. But how to taste them better? You can enjoy them in a sandwich with many colored vegetables , you can combine them with a good hummus or you can taste them in cubes and mix them in a salad !

On the other hand, how good are the salads? They are really delicious both during the summer to savor a fresh but nutritious dish both in winter, when you can not give up a cold dish between a soup and a velvety! Often, however, the salad is a bit ‘boring because it seems you can dress it in one way: salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Of course you can add sunflower seeds or dried fruit but what can make your salads really special ? A good Kioene vegetable burger and a tasty dressing . Not sure where to start? Here are 5 super dressing good and really easy to prepare.

Creamy sesame dressing

Prepare in a moment, prepare the blender! You will need: tahini sauce, sesame seed oil, lime juice, garlic and salt. It goes well with tasty salads with rocket and curly kale or as a dip for vegetable rolls . Try it with avocado too: it will amaze you!

Ranch dressing, veg version

4 basic ingredients: mayonnaise veg, sour cream, apple vinegar and salt . Blend everything in a blender and you’re done: the dressing is ready! If you want a crunchy touch, add chopped chives and parsley. It is a perfect dressing in a classic salad , with tomato, carrots and vegetable burger but you can also use it as an appetizer, for an alternative pinzimonio with celery and peppers.

Caesar dressing

How do you prepare the dressing for the famous Caesar salad but in the veg version? Just blend together: cashews soaked in water, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, Dijon mustard and capers. The Caesar salad is even better with the addition of a good vegetable burger in strips ! You can also add some toasted bread cubes and this delicious dressing!

Coconut dressing

The coconut in a salad? If you want a dish with a tropical flavor, this is the right choice! You can add it to salads with fresh herbs such as mint, coriander and chives to combine with a vegetable burger or add the dressing to a good autumn vegetable curry . How to prepare it? Blend coconut milk, lime juice, chilli pepper, brown sugar and salt.

Green dressing

This dressing is perfect for a vegetable sandwich , perhaps prepared with pita bread or accompanied to a vegetable burger as a substitute for a simple mayonnaise veg . It is prepared in a moment by blending: soy yogurt, lemon juice, parsley, chives, coriander and salt.

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